Bird Diapers : Are Bird Diapers Safe for Parrots?

bird diapers for parrots

Are Bird Diapers Safe for Parrots? Are bird diapers safe for parrots? This is a question that many people have, and it is a valid one. After all, you want to ensure that your feathered friend is as safe as possible, and if you think using a bird diaper might be the way to go, … Read more

10 Things Not To Feed Your Ringneck Parrot

10 things not to feed your ring neck parrot

Many pet owners allow their birds to join them at lunch since birds are sociable creatures. Sharing food with your bird can be a lot of fun, but several popular human meals can be unhealthy or even fatal to your bird. Owners must be aware of which foods are safe to share and which pose … Read more

Cockatoo Tongue: Anatomy And Functions

Cockatoo Tongue

Cockatoo tongue can easily be seen as a wonder because most people will wonder how cockatoos have such strong tongues that help them to easily eat and digest different types of foods. Others may wonder if cockatoos have tongues at all. As you are reading this you may also be wondering why and how cockatoos … Read more

Can a Sun Conure and Green Cheek Mate? Quick Answer!

Sun Conure vs. Green Cheek: Can They Mate? Can a sun conure and green cheek mate? Well, the truth is that there is much debate over whether a sun conure and green cheek can mate. Some say that the two birds are closely related and therefore should be able to produce offspring. In contrast, others … Read more

Budgie died with eyes open!13 Reasons Why It Happened

Budgie died with eyes open

Can budgies die with their eyes open? Budgie died with eyes open! Why? losing a beloved budgie is not an easy situation. It is a very painful experience to lose a budgie with whom you have share time and companionship. Nobody should go through that. While accepting the death of your beloved budgie may be … Read more

Can African GREY Parrots Eat Mango? Quick Answer!

Can African Grey Parrots Eat Mango?

Can African GREY Parrots Eat Mango? Can African Grey Parrots eat Mango?, this is one of the many questions we receive from parrot parents and this is why this write-up will go into detail to tell you everything you need to know about how your African grey parrot will react to Mango if you introduce … Read more