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On this blog you will learn all about your pet parrot’s care, wellbeing, health, diet, and nutrition. 


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Can Rainbow Lorikeets Eat Bread? Bread is a common food that many people enjoy. But can rainbow lorikeets eat bread? This is

Where Do Parrots like to be petted?
Where Do Parrots like to be petted?
Can Rainbow Lorikeets Eat Watermelon? 

Can Rainbow Lorikeets Eat Watermelon? Are seeds safe? Do you have a question about whether or not rainbow lorikeets can eat watermelon?

Can Rainbow Lorikeets Eat Pineapple?

Can Rainbow Lorikeets Eat Pineapple? (Answered) Can rainbow lorikeets eat pineapple? This is a question that many people have asked. Most people

Why Is My African Grey Losing Feathers?

Why is my African grey losing feathers? African greys are known for their beautiful feathers, but what do you do when your