Can African GREY Parrots Eat Mango Quick Answer!

Can African GREY Parrots Eat Mango?

Can African Grey Parrots eat Mango? this is one of the many questions we receive from parrot parents, and this is why this write-up will go into detail to tell you everything you need to know about how your African grey parrot will react to Mango if you introduce it into their diet.

Will your African grey parrot eat it or not? You will find out soon.

The best part of learning about how to care for a parrot especially the African grey parrot is knowing what to feed them and what they should not be eating at any point in time.

This will not only ensure that they say healthy but will also help your parrot have the best time ever with you.

The best thing about parrots is their ability to eat a variety of food that we as humans can eat?

Isn’t it amazing that you do not have to struggle so much to give your parrot a sumptuous and healthy meal?

Although they may not be able to eat everything we eat, the fact that they are able to eat a majority of the food we eat is already a great benefit to always give your parrot a good treat.

You can give your African Grey parrot a variety of veggies and fruits in the right quantity that is good for their health and growth.

However, knowing that your parrot can eat a great percentage of the foods and fruits we eat is good news, but as good as the news may be, you may not be entirely sure of the fruits that are good for them and the ones you should avoid.

I am sure not being sure if mango is okay for your  African Grey parrot is why you’ve hopped on a quick google search to get the answer you need to make an informed decision on feeding your African grey parrot mango.

With this in mind let’s answer the most pressing question, Can African GREY Parrot eat Mango?

Can African Grey Parrots Eat Mango?

To carefully answer this question, YES, the African GREY parrot can eat mango.

Various research has shown that the numerous nutrients contained in mango are excellent for the health and well-being of the African Grey parrot although the ability of your African grey parrot to eat mango largely depends on how the mango is prepared to suit its taste buds.

However, when it comes to standard fresh mangoes parrots love them and like eating them often.

African grey parrots also eat other types of mangoes

This is the point where you may think, oh since mangoes are great for my parrot, I’d just go ahead and start feeding them mangoes!

Before you run off to start feeding your African Grey parrot mangoes keep in mind that as great as it sounds that they love to eat mangoes, you should also make sure to get all the information about African grey parrots and how good mangoes are for their health before running off to feed them mangoes.

Whether it is the information about the exact type of mangoes they like or how to prepare the mangoes, you definitely need every information you can get to make an informed decision before you include mangoes in your parrot’s diet.

Having this in mind, below we are going to be talking about everything you need to know about parrots and mangoes

We are going to be talking about a lot of things relating to African grey parrots and mangoes starting from, Can African GREY parrots eat raw mango, can African grey Parrot eat canned mangoes? Can African Grey Parrots eat dried mango?

So, it is very important that you read everything to the end and analyze it carefully before going ahead to give mango to your pet parrot as this is very important for your parrot’s health.

Can African GREY Parrot Eat Raw Mango?

Can African GREY Parrots Eat Mango

As mentioned earlier, there are lots of things you need to know before you start feeding your parrot mangoes, it is an essential part of taking care of your pet parrot, getting to know what is good for their health and what is not good for their health.

You adopt the good ones and get rid of the ones that may seem to be harmful to their health.

The question is, can African grey parrots eat raw mango? is a very important one.

Just like we have mentioned that African Grey parrots can eat mango in an attempt to answer the earlier question, can African Grey parrots eat mango?

It is also important that we answer this question, eating mangoes is good for your parrot but are raw mangoes good for them too?.

So, the answer to your question is, YES…. African Grey parrots can eat raw mangoes but it is not ideal for them to eat raw mangoes.

This is because eating raw mangoes may not appeal to their taste buds and digestive buds and may lead to health complications in the future.

In addition, ripe mangoes will be easier for the parrot to eat and of course more delicious.

You want your parrot to eat something it will enjoy and be happy.

Don’t you? Of course, you do.

So, instead of giving your African grey parrot a raw mango, give it a good ripe one so it can enjoy it and stay healthy and happy.

Can African Grey Parrot Eat Canned Mango?

While fresh mangoes may be the preferred choice when giving your parrot a mango, in a situation where fresh mango may not be readily available, you can give your parrot canned mangoes.

Yes, African grey parrots can eat canned mango.

However, it is also very important for you to be on the lookout and carefully scrutinize every canned food before giving it to your parrot.

This is because, as you know most canned food nowadays contains a lot of sweeteners and preservatives which may not be good for your parrot.

If you are able to find a canned mango with no added sugars then it’d be wonderful to give it to your parrot instead of ones with added preservatives.

Can African Grey Parrots Eat Dried Mango?

Dried mangoes are very perfect for your parrot to eat, Yes…African Grey parrots can eat dried mango, although it is important to check properly and make sure that the mango isn’t too dried.

If the mango is too dried, it may not be easy for your parrot to eat them and enjoy them.

Also, you have to check and make sure that the dried mango isn’t one that was preserved using a truckload of preservatives and sweeteners as they may not be good for your parrot’s health.

Once you’ve checked and confirmed that not too many preservatives were used in the preservation of the dried mango then you can go ahead and give it to your parrot.

Now that we have seen the several ways your African Grey parrot can enjoy a delicious mango meal and answered some of the pressing questions you may have, it is also very important for you to know the health benefit of mangoes for your African Grey parrots.

Highlighting the health benefits will help you understand why it is important that you include mangoes in your parrot’s diet.

If you’ve included it already knowing the benefits will help you to take giving your parrots mangoes more seriously.

If you are still planning to include mangoes in their diet, it will show you everything you need to know about the health benefits of your parrot’s new diet addition.

Can Conures Eat Mango?

This is also another repeating question about conures and whether they can eat mangoes without any health issues.

As we already read above mango is a very delicious fruit that is healthy not only for human beings but also for pets like parrots.

Can Conures eat mango? owing to the fact that there are numerous foods that your cute conure can eat, it becomes confusing sometimes to correctly figure out the ones they cannot eat.

However, in this case, Yes conures can eat mangoes. In fact, recent studies have shown that mangoes are one of the best fruits that conures enjoy. Mangoes are not only delicious but also filled with so many micronutrients that are excellent for your conure’s health.

At this point you may scramble off to go feed mangoes to your parrots, that’s great but before you do that, it is important that you check out the health benefits of mangoes for your parrot as it will help to decide whether your parrot needs it or not.

What are the Health Benefits of Mangoes For African Grey Parrots

Health Benefits of Mangoes For African Grey Parrots

In addition to knowing the answer to the question, can African grey parrots eat mango?, it is also very important that you know the health benefits of mango for your African grey parrot as you will not like to endanger the health of your parrot by giving it something you do not know the benefits.

So here are the health benefits of Mangoes for African Grey parrots;

Vitamin C

Although mangoes do not contain lots of vitamin C like oranges or lemons they sure contain a good amount of vitamin C more than bananas and apples.

Vitamin C is a very essential vitamin for parrots because it helps in strengthening their immunity, reducing high pressure, and lowering the risks of strokes.

Vitamin C also helps parrots to heal faster from cuts, wounds, and abrasions and also helps in blood sugar regulation.

So you see, mangoes should be a very important part of your parrot’s diet to keep them healthy.

Mangoes Contain Antioxidants

Mango contains quite a good amount of polyphenols which are packed with antioxidants.

These anti-oxidants help in supporting a  healthy immune system necessary for healthy living and longevity.

Mangoes are Essential For Effective Digestion

The majority of the health problems parrots face are problems of the digestive tract, therefore mangoes are an excellent option in your efforts to maintain and keep the digestive tract of a parrot healthy.

Mangoes are Very Delicious

Our pets love delicious things just the way we love them too.

Mango is always very succulent and delicious making it a good choice for parrots who will love something that delicious.

The choice to include mangoes in the African grey parrot’s diet is a choice to not only give it something delicious but something that is also good for its health.

Either way, it is a win-win for you.

Mangoes are Very Simple and Easy to Prepare.

Giving your pet parrot mango has got to be the easiest thing to do because all you have to do is buy a fresh mango, watch it in very clean water, slice it up and serve your parrot.

It is simple, super-fast, and easy for you to prepare such delicious and healthy food for your African Grey parrot.


The answer to your question is, can African Grey parrots eat Mango? Is Yes… African grey parrots can eat mango.

They can eat raw and ripe mangoes but it is not advisable to give your parrot raw mangoes when you can easily give it a delicious ripe mango that will not only be good for its tastebuds but also excellent for its health.

We also answered all the other questions you may have about African Grey parrots eating canned and dried mangoes, Of course, they can eat the two but you have to take your time and make sure that the dried mango is not too dried and the canned mango has not been stored with too many preservatives and sweeteners as this will not be good for the health of your parrot.

Lastly, we talked about the health benefits of mangoes for the African grey parrot where we listed the different ways your parrot could drive nutrients from eating mango and why you need to include mangoes in your parrot’s diets.

One of the benefits is that mangoes have a substantial amount of vitamins, especially vitamin D which in many ways has proven to be very beneficial for your parrot’s health and wellbeing.

They also contain antioxidants which help in improving the immune system of the parrot helping them live a long healthy life.

Now the last question is, have you ever included mangoes in the African Grey parrot’s diet?

Did your parrot like it? Was it good for your parrot’s health?

We will like to hear from you in the comment section, about what it was like having your African grey parrot or any other species of parrot try out mangoes.

Are you planning to include mangoes in your parrot’s diet for the first time and have reservations about it?
Let’s hear your reservations in the comment section too.

And if you have any more questions about your African grey parrot, do not forget to send them across, our team of experts will carefully review your questions and offer the most professional advice on the solution to any of your questions without any reservations.