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200+ Good Parakeet names for Blue, Green, Males & Cute Females

Naming your pet is a very important process. You want to find a name that suits them perfectly and will make them happy. Do you have a new parakeet and are looking for the perfect name? Well, look no further!

This blog post contains over 200 names perfect for blue, green, male, or female parakeets. Whether you are looking for something cute or something more unique, we have you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Start browsing through our list of names and find the perfect one for your new feathered friend.

4 Tips For Naming A Parakeet

I often get asked, what should I name my Parakeet? When considering naming a parakeet, a few things should be kept in mind.

  1. The name should be short and easy to pronounce. 

    This is because parakeets have a limited capacity for mimicry, and you want your bird to be able to learn its name quickly.

  2. The name should be distinct from familiar words and phrases that you use around the house.

    Otherwise, your Parakeet may start repeating random words and phrases that it hears on a daily basis.

  3. Consider the bird’s personality when choosing a name. 

    Is your Parakeet playful or shy? Does it have any unique markings or behaviors? Your bird’s personality can be a great source of inspiration for its name.

  4. Choose a name that you will be comfortable with for yearsAfter all, your Parakeet will likely outlive you, so you want to ensure that you are happy with its name for the long haul. With these tips in mind, finding the perfect name for your Parakeet will be a breeze.

With these tips in mind, finding the perfect name for your Parakeet will be a breeze.

Cool & Cute Parakeet Names

There are a lot of cool parakeet names out there, and it can be tough to choose the right one for your bird. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 30 great options. Feel free to use any of these names, or use them as inspiration to come up with a unique name of your own.

  1. Ace
  2. Blue
  3. Boomer
  4. Bravo
  5. Bubbles
  6. Chase
  7. Chirp
  8. Cinnamon
  9. Cocoa
  10. Cupcake
  11. Django
  12. Echo
  13. Einstein
  14. Fidget
  15. Gizmo
  16. Higgins
  17. Jazzy
  18. Juno
  19. Kiwi
  20. Lucky
  21. Milo
  22. Mishka
  23. Mozart
  24. Napoleon
  25. Ninja
  26. Pegasus
  27. Petty
  28. Radar
  29. Rocket
  30. Safari
  31. Carlos
  32. Irene
  33. Poe

Tough Parakeet Names

Is your Parakeet mean or tough? Consider one of these names:

  1. Ace
  2. Bandit
  3. Blaze
  4. Bullet
  5. Chaplain
  6. Cobra
  7. Corsair
  8. Crusader
  9. Eagle
  10. Falcon
  11. Flame
  12. Grizzly
  13. Hurricane
  14. Jester
  15. Lightning
  16. Maverick
  17. Mixer
  18. Phoenix
  19. Typhoon
  20. Viper
  21. Sergeant
  22. Blackbeard
  23. Juno
  24. Samson
  25. Hestia
  26. Hermes

Male Parakeet Names.

If you’re considering adding a parakeet to your family, you may be wondering what to name him. Here are 30 names for male parakeets that may be perfect for your new feathered friend.

  1. Alfie
  2. Benjamin
  3. Riley
  4. Tucker
  5. Archie
  6. Ollie
  7. Jasper
  8. Louie
  9. Bosco
  10. Benny
  11. Marley
  12. Zeus
  13. Apollo
  14. Odin
  15. Milo
  16. Frodo
  17. Gizmo
  18. Harvey
  19. Winnie
  20. Barney
  21. Shadow
  22. Simon
  23. Charlie
  24. Jethro
  25. Jack
  26. Harry
  27. Luke
  28. Max
  29. George
  30. Monty

Names For Female Parakeets 

While most people are familiar with the common names for domesticated animals like dogs and cats, there is a whole world of lesser-known creatures with their own unique monikers. Take, for example, the female Parakeet; this small bird has many names. Here are just a few of the most popular:

  1. Belle– A pretty name for a pretty bird.
  2. Betsy– A diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “my God is bountiful.”
  3. Coco– A perfect name for a bird with colorful plumage.
  4. Dizzy – A playful name for an energetic bird.
  5. Ginger – A fiery name for an aggressive bird.
  6. Kiki – A diminutive of Katherine, meaning “pure.”
  7. Lulu – A diminutive of Louise, meaning “famous warrior.”
  8. Mia– A diminutive of Maria, meaning “beloved.”

Other female Parakeet name ideas include:

  1. Buttercup
  2. Daisy
  3. Sunshine
  4. Skye
  5. Miranda
  6. Willow
  7. Rosie
  8. Poppy
  9. Daffodil
  10. Milly
  11. Minnie
  12. Maggie
  13. Katie
  14. Millie
  15. Lola
  16. Belle
  17. Molly
  18. Ruby
  19. Bella
  20. Chloe
  21. Lily
  22. Abby
  23. Gracie
  24. Emmy
  25. Ellie
  26. Sophie
  27. Pearl
  28. Percy
  29. Lulu
  30. Honey

Funny Parakeet Names

When it comes to naming your new Parakeet, the sky’s the limit. However, if you’re looking for some funny names that will make your friends and family chuckle, consider the following options.

  1. Scooter
  2. Kiwi
  3. Plucky
  4. Buddy
  5. Kite
  6. BamBam
  7. Sailor
  8. Daffy
  9. Sparky
  10. Binky
  11. Bandit
  12. Beans
  13. Chuckles
  14. Mr. Little
  15. Birdie
  16. Yellow Bird
  17. Red
  18. Forrest Gump
  19. Booby
  20. Crossbill

Yellow Parakeet Names

Is Parakeet yellow? Consider one of these names:

  1. Sunny
  2. Butter
  3. Daffodil
  4. Corn
  5. Lemon
  6. Marigold
  7. Saffron
  8. Ochre
  9. Paloma
  10. Citali
  11. Peridot
  12. Chartreuse
  13. Canary
  14. Florentine
  15. Aureolin
  16. Primrose
  17. Harlequin
  18. Jupiter
  19. Goldie
  20. Aspen
  21. Moon
  22. Yellow
  23. Happy
  24. Mellow
  25. Ginger
  26. Twinkie
  27. Yello
  28. Honeycomb
  29. Sunflower
  30. Lily
  31. Blondie
  32. Pikachu

Green Parakeets Names

Parakeets have many different types/colors, each with its unique coloration and markings. Here are 20 of the most popular names for green parakeets.

  1. Jade– A beautiful name for a bird with striking green plumage.
  2. Emerald – A precious name for a bird that is rare and unique.
  3. Lucky– is a perfect name for a bird that will bring you good fortune.
  4. Kermit– is a fun name for a green bird that will make you smile.
  5. Forest– A nature-inspired name for a bird that is at home in the trees.
  6. Mint – A refreshing name for a bird that is as cool as a cucumber.
  7. Lime – A tart name for a bird that is sure to add some zest to your life.
  8. Spring– A perfect name for a bird that heralds the arrival of warmer weather.
  9. Grasshopper– A playful name for a bird that loves to hop and play.
  10. Hulk– A powerful name for a bird that is sure to turn heads.
  11. Sage– A wise name for a bird that is sure to be a valued member of your family.

Other green parakeet name ideas include: 

  1. Greenie
  2. Grinch
  3. Jungle Jim
  4. Olive
  5. Gremlin
  6. Harpy
  7. Jacinda
  8. Kiwi
  9. Tyrian
  10. Viridian
  11. Will-o’-the-Wisp
  12. Peridot
  13. Seafoam
  14. Springtime
  15. Verdant
  16. Nature’s Jewels
  17. Earth’s Treasures
  18. Gaia’s Delight
  19. Avian Beauty
  20. Lively Greens
  21. Greeny
  22. Amazon
  23. Veggie
  24. Evergreen
  25. Beryl
  26. Sweetpea
  27. Shamrock
  28. Jasper
  29. Leaf
  30. Celly
  31. Oakley
  32. Petie

 Blue Parakeet Names

Blue parakeets are a popular type of pet bird. They are known for their beautiful blue plumage and their friendly personalities.

While there are many different types of blue parakeets, some of the most popular include the Blue-fronted Amazon, the Blue-and-Gold Macaw, and the Scarlet Macaw.

These birds make great companions and can provide years of enjoyment. If you are considering adding a blue parakeet to your home, here are some of the best names to choose from.

  1. Bluebell
  2. Skylar
  3. Azure
  4. Tiffany
  5. Cerulean
  6. Sapphire
  7. Ocean
  8. Zelda
  9. Robin
  10. Skye
  11. Willow
  12. Poppy
  13. Lola
  14. Navy
  15. Layla
  16. Mia
  17. Emily
  18. Anna
  19. Grace
  20. Amelia
  21. Sky
  22. Bluebell
  23. Tiffany
  24. Swift
  25. Bluefire
  26. Blu
  27. Falcon
  28. Serene
  29. Rain
  30. Misty
  31. Blueberry
  32. Kipper
  33. Jet

White Parakeet Names

Picking the perfect name for your white Parakeet can be a tough decision. After all, this bird will be part of your life for many years to come.

To help make the process a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of 20 great names for white parakeets. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or unique, we hope you find the perfect fit for your new feathered friend.

  1. Angel
  2. Blizzard
  3. Cashmere
  4. Dove
  5. Flake
  6. Ghost
  7. Ivory
  8. Jedi
  9. Pearl
  10. Phantom
  11. Snowball
  12. Starlight
  13. Sugar
  14. Winter
  15. Zoey
  16. Cottonball
  17. Snowflake
  18. Marshmallow
  19. Pearl
  20. Chalky

Parakeet Names for Pairs

Parakeets are very social birds that enjoy being in a pair or more. So, if you have adopted a pair, here are 15 names for your new feathered friends:

  1. Blue and Green
  2. Sunshine and Sky
  3. day and Night
  4. Oreo and Sprinkles
  5. Buttons and Bows
  6. Roly Poly and Wiggles
  7. Pancake and Waffles
  8. Miracle and Magic
  9. Blossom and Bloom
  10. Heavenly and Bliss
  11. Giggles and Laughter
  12. Four Leaf and Clover
  13. Kisses and Love
  14. Cupcake and Sweetie
  15. Twitter and Chirp

Fun Facts About Parakeets

While they originate from Australia, parakeets can now be found in a wide variety of climates, including temperate regions like Europe and North America.

Here are a few fun facts about these cheerful birds:

  • Parakeets are social creatures and require regular interaction with their owner or another bird.
  • Parakeets typically live in flocks of 20 to 30 birds in the wild.
  • Parakeets are herbivores and eat a diet of seeds, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Wild parakeets typically live for 5 to 10 years, but captive birds can live for 15 years or more.
  • The oldest recorded Parakeet was 32 years old when it passed away.
  • Parakeets are intelligent birds and can learn to mimic human speech and other sounds.
  • Parakeets have powerful beaks that can easily bite through wire cages. This is why providing them with a well-constructed cage with plenty of toys and perches is important.
  • The word Parakeet means “long tail”. This is due to the fact that they have much longer tails than most other types of birds.

Conclusion: Parakeet Names

So what’s in a name? For parakeets, quite a lot. It turns out that the names we give our feathered friends can greatly impact their behavior and personality.

Whether you’re picking out your new bird or just curious about pet naming trends, it’s interesting to see how something as simple as a name can affect an animal’s life. Do you have a story about naming your pet?

Share it with us in the comments below!