Is Mango OK for Parrots (2 Amazing Facts)

Is Mango ok for parrots is a legitimate question if you have a pet parrot and you are interested in knowing the best foods and fruits to feed your parrot to make sure it is healthy for a long time.

So, your question is not wrong at all, the best way to learn how to care for your parrot is to understand what food or fruits you should include in its diet and the ones you must exclude.

I am sure you will agree with me that this is very important as your parrot’s health and total well-being are dependent on the foods and vegetables they eat daily.

To answer this question…. Yes, Mango is Ok for parrots.

Numerous studies have shown that the nutrients in mango are very essential for the health of your parrot.

And including mangoes in your parrot’s diet is great, provided you are willing to learn and understand everything you need to know about parrots and mangoes.

Fortunately, we will answer all your questions about parrots and mangoes here and also move it an inch further to let you in completely on the health benefits of mangoes for your parrot.

If you know how important having appropriate knowledge about your parrot’s health is, then you’d be interested in knowing the answers to the questions about your including mangoes in your parrot’s diet.

Without wasting much of your time let’s dive in straight and answer most of the pressing questions you will have to know about parrots and mangoes.

In this write up we’ll talk about if they can eat mango slices, raw mangoes, canned mangoes, and much more.

From talking about the types of mangoes your parrot will prefer to eat, we will move on to all the primary benefits your parrot will derive from eating mangoes.

Be very intentional about this information you will receive, carefully analyze it and understand how it will be beneficial to your parrot.

If you are convinced that your parrot will need mangoes included in its diet and it will be beneficial to its overall wellbeing then let’s get started.

Can Parrots Eat Mango slices?

is mango ok for parrots

Although mangoes are an excellent source of nutrients for your parrots, how you prepare the mangoes for consumption goes a long way in determining how your parrot will accept and eat them.

Slicing up fresh mangoes for your parrot is excellent for it to eat.

Nevertheless, if you are buying already sliced-up mangoes from a store, be sure to check the ingredients used in preserving the mangoes and make sure it does not contain any added sugars or harmful preservatives.

Sugars and preservatives could be very bad for your parrot’s health and you must do everything possible to make sure that your parrot does not eat added sugars or preservatives used in preserving sliced mangoes you bought from the store.

As mentioned earlier, you need to be very careful about what your parrot feeds on as they have a very sensitive digestive system, so any little thing could upset its digestive system leading to complications.

Can your parrot eat mango slices?

Yes, but slice the fresh mangoes yourself, if not make sure that you carefully check the content of the one you buy from the store and make sure it is safe for your parrot.

Can Parrots Eat Canned Mangoes?

Just like humans, Parrots can eat processed canned foods and fruits.

So,  Yes….. parrots can eat canned mangoes.

However, before you go ahead to give your parrot canned mangoes, take your time and carefully go through the content of the canned mango especially preservatives and sweeteners.

While parrots can eat canned mangoes, it is no news that most of the preservatives and sweeteners that may be used in preserving the canned mango will not be good for your parrot.

Because the health of your parrot is paramount you need to make sure that the canned mango does not contain any preservatives or sweeteners that may be harmful to your parrot especially if you have an African grey parrot.

Our last blog answered the question, can African grey parrots eat mango?

Check it out if you have an African grey parrot and will like to know if they can eat mangoes both canned and fresh mangoes.

Can Parrot Eat Fried Mangoes

Mangoes are great for your parrots because they contain the nutrients your parrot will need for its general well-being.

However, fried mangoes are not good for your parrot

So the answer is, No… Parrots cannot eat fried mangoes.

It is the culture of most places to deep-fry mangoes before eating them, while doing this may be good for you, it is not healthy for your parrot to eat fried mangoes because it is not good for its digestive health.

In fact, you should avoid giving your parrot not only fried mangoes but any deep-fried food at all should be avoided for your parrot’s health.

Even if your parrot has been eating fried foods in the past and nothing happened, it’ll be in your best interest to avoid giving your parrot fried foods from now onwards as they are not good for them.

The results of eating any deep-fried foods may surface later and it will not be good for your parrot in any way at all.

If you can, totally avoid it.

Can Parrots Eat Mango Peel?

Parrots can eat every part of the succulent mango fruit and enjoy it.

However, the question you are asking can parrot eat mango peels deserve a very simple and straightforward answer.

To answer this question, Yes… Parrots can eat mango peels because they are not harmful but it will be in your best interest as a parrot owner not to give mango peels to your parrot.

Although humans can easily eat mango peels it may not be that easy for parrots to eat them the same way we can eat them without any issues

However, bearing in mind that the peel of the mango is where most of the nutrients are lodged you can give the peels to your parrot but before that make sure that you thoroughly wash the mango with a food wash or vinegar to really clean it because that’s also where most of the pesticides are lodged.

This is to protect your parrot from harmful pesticides lodging on the mango peels.

If you are not prepared to thoroughly wash the mango peels then do not think about giving it to your parrot as that may be bad for its health.

Can Parrots Eat Mango Seed?

is mango ok for parrots

This is a common question that most parrot parents often ask and we will be glad to answer the question, can parrots eat mango seed?

To answer this question, No…..Parrots cannot eat mango seeds.

In as much as your parrot may be trying to chew on the seed of mango, do not allow it to eat mango seeds!

This is because mango seeds contain a derivative of arsenic which is very dangerous to the health of your parrot should you allow it to eat mango seeds.

Every part of the mango is loaded with nutrients and very delicious for your parrot to enjoy.

Do not give mango seeds to your parrot to preserve their health.

Can Parrots Eat dried Mango?

Parrots love to eat mangoes but it is also important to know the type of mangoes to feed them to make sure that they are getting the best nutrients out there and having the best time possible as your pet.

As much as you want to give your parrot what they love to eat, it is also very important you find out how good it will be for their health and well-being.

That said, to answer the question, can parrots eat dried mango?

Yes… Parrots can eat dried mango

However, because dried mangoes have been dried and preserved over a period of time, they may contain unhealthy preservatives and sweeteners that may not be entirely healthy for your parrot.

Therefore, before you think of giving dried mango to your parrot you must carefully look out for unhealthy preservatives and sweeteners.

Get the one without preservatives and give it to your parrot otherwise give your parrot fresh mangoes instead of dried mangoes.

Health Benefits of Mangoes for Parrots

Just as mentioned earlier, mangoes are very nutritious fruit packed with a lot of nutrients that are needed for your parrot’s health.

In order to fully understand why you should give mangoes to your parrots, it is also important that you get to know the various health benefits that your parrots stand to gain if you include mangoes in the diet.

So here are the health benefits of mangoes for parrots.

Mangoes are loaded with Vitamin C

Although mangoes may not contain as much vitamin C as contained in fruits like oranges or lemon they do contain a substantial amount of vitamin C that is necessary for keeping your parrot healthy and vibrant all the time.

It is one of the numerous reasons you should consider incorporating mangoes in your parrot’s diet.

Mangoes Contains Antioxidants

Mangoes contain a good amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants as we know can reduce the risk of heart disease and also help in removing free radicals from the body cell of your parrot.

Mangoes are Delicious

Your parrot will enjoy eating mangoes because they are very delicious aside from containing a lot of nutrients.

Giving your parrot a fruit that is not only healthy for them but also very delicious is a way to boost their ability to eat properly and enjoy their food thereby staying healthy and happy all the time.

You should include mangoes in your parrot’s food if you want them to have a good time eating fruits that they enjoy and will love to eat all the time.

Mangoes are Easy to Prepare.

Having mangoes included in your parrot’s diet is a very easy process because it will not take a lot of effort from you to prepare mangoes for your parrot.

All you need to give your parrot a sumptuous meal is fresh mango, washed with food wash or vinegar to ensure that it is clean and free of pesticides.

Then cut them up, slice them and serve your parrot.

Then sit back and watch your parrot enjoy the delicacy.

Isn’t that an easy meal? Yet packed with very useful nutrients that your parrot will need for optimal health.

Mangoes May Aid Digestion

The digestive system of your parrot is very important and as such, you should give your parrot foods that will aid digestion for them.

Mango is one such fruit that will help your parrot have a very healthy digestive system and stay healthy.

This is because mangoes contain a high percentage of fiber that aids in proper digestion.

So giving your parrot’s mango is such a good idea as digestion is very important for your parrot’s health.

Mangoes Support Good Heart health

Mangoes contain Mangiferin, which offers protective heart benefits including reduced inflammatory activity.

The same plant chemical found in Mangoes may aid cholesterol balance, hence helping to maintain the heart health of your parrot.

The above health benefits your parrots stand to gain from a simple and easy diet containing mangoes and many more is the reason why you should consider including mangoes in parrot’s diets if you have not started.


In this blog, we answered the simple question you asked, is mango OK for parrots? And also took it a step further to answer other similar questions you may have about mangoes and parrots which were

  • Can Parrots eat canned mango?
  • Can Parrots eat Dried mango?
  • Can Parrots eat fried mango?
  • Can Parrots eat Mango seed?

All the above questions received simple, straightforward, and self-explanatory answers that will help you make the best choice when deciding whether or not to include mangoes in your parrots’ diets.

You may just need to take your time to digest the information and then make your decision.

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