5 Reasons Why Birds Should Be Your Best

When it comes to choices, we have can’t choose the same things. What I like will be different from what another person likes. That’s why you see everyone has their preferences as to the kind of pet to have.

While we do not enforce our choices on others, we can give reasons why choosing certain pets should be desirable. That’s why we will highlight good reasons why birds should be your best pets.

Here are 5 reasons why birds should be your best pets

Birds can be so tame

It’s amazing how tame some birds can be. The easiest way to tame them is to take it slow and not rush things. With most birds, being super gentle, calm, and supportive will have them coming around.

Here are 3 steps that will get you started:

  1. If possible, find out the bird’s name so you can call them by name when it’s time for training. This makes training more fun for both of you!
  2. Keep an eye on your bird every day as a reminder of what they’re like when they’re happy, healthy, and well-rested. I know this is hard but try to consider the health of your relationship with your bird as well as your desire to have a tame one!

When I first got my parrot she was scared straight away because if my sister wasn’t there when I put her outside at 7 am on weekdays she would scream and run around in circles until she (my sister) came home at 6 pm.

It was exhausting!

She eventually calmed down and now we go out together and train only once or twice a week… 7 years later we still love each other very much 🙂

  1. Start with small daily increments that you can easily manage such as leaving the bird alone for 5 minutes at a time (e.g., first thing in the morning) or giving your bird an extra treat if they sit quietly during dinner (e.g., give them their favorite petite sardine). When they do nothing, leave them alone or wait another 15-20 minutes before repeating step 2. Well, this might sound silly but my parrot used to bite me all the time until I did this little trick 😀

They are so handy for pest control

In addition to being fabulous pets, birds are also very helpful. They are so handy for pest control. They are especially effective with insects like mosquitoes and gnats that like to fly around your face when you’re outside enjoying a summer day.

Birds don’t just eat them, though. They will attack the insects in midair, making them explode into bug guts that then fertilize your flower beds. You won’t even have to water them anymore!

Birds also can get rid of pests in the house, too. They will chase spiders until the spiders give up and go away forever. Bird poop is surface-level acidic, so when they use it on cockroaches and silverfish, it burns through their shells and kills them instantly without any effort on your part at all!

They are great companions

why Birds Should Be Your Best Pets
  • They make great companions: Due to their social nature, they are always happy to interact. Since they need to be fed and cleaned, you will have plenty of opportunities for bonding.
  • They’re easy to train: Our pet finches taught us some lessons about patience and our own personalities that we never expected! Often times the bird would outsmart us and learn a new trick before we were ready for it.
  • They demand attention: It’s very important for birds to have consistent attention from their owners. Otherwise, they will get bored and become disruptive or loud (very loud). However, with enough attention, this can be avoided.
  • They need a friend: Like most animals, birds will be more comfortable having another bird around them. If you already have one bird in your home it is well worth considering adding another so they aren’t alone all the time while you’re away at work or school.

If these points appeal to you then birds might just be the right pet for your family!

You can teach them to talk and sing

Generally speaking, it’s easier to teach birds words than songs. Some birds are better talkers than others; male birds tend to be better talkers than females. African greys, Amazon parrots, and some macaws are particularly good at talking.

Teach your bird a word by repeatedly saying the word in question while making eye contact with the bird and perhaps offering it a treat. Some words are easier for them to learn than others, and their favorite words may not be what you expect!

They are easy to care for

  • Birds are easy to care for. They eat seeds and pellets, but you can also teach them to eat fruits and vegetables. You need to make sure their water is clean every day and their cage needs to be cleaned once a week or so. You also want to make sure they have toys they can play with while they’re in their cage.
  • Birds don’t need to be walked on the street outside, so you won’t have the hassle of getting them out of your house multiple times a day which may not be possible in some locations.

Parakeets were the first parrot I ever raised, and they continue to be my favourite

If you are a beginner of the feathered world, I would suggest starting with parakeets. Budgies are intelligent, friendly birds that can be taught to do tricks and mimic speech.

They are also easy to care for: they eat seeds, fruits, and veggies (and plenty of socialization) and by now, most cities have places that sell bird supplies.

If you love parrots but don’t want to deal with their large size or extensive needs, a budgie could be just right for you!

Do you want to keep a bird as a pet after reading this article?